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What is Microcurrent Therapy?

Microcurrent is a very popular low-level electrotherapy which works to re-educate, retrain and strengthen facial muscles with repeated treatments. As well has toning the muscles under the skin, the increased blood circulation results in a more youthful appearance. One-hour treatments are done twice a week for 10 sessions, then maintained on a less frequent schedule. [...]

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Lighter, Brighter Guide to Even Skin Tone

My clients hate their brown spots with a vengence.  Let's face it, spots look great on leopards, but not on our faces.  They are one of the signs of aging and the result of too much sun exposure.   There are treatments and products which will work to help even out the skin, given time, [...]

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Recipe for Younger Healthier Skin – An AHA Moment

Think sugar cane, apples, citrus, wine and sour milk to name a few.  With the exception of the sour milk, one might be recollecting Grandma's luscious apple pie as well as the satisfying fond memories from family gatherings of days gone by.  Fast-forward to now.  Same natural ingredients, but formulated into skin care products.   [...]

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To Tan or Not To Tan?

  After years of tanning at the beach, this woman needs her dermatologist more than she needs her umbrella. Summer is fully upon us now.  The kids are out of school and everyone has started summer programs or is about to embark on vacation.  Whether it be to the beach, the mountains or [...]

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