My clients hate their brown spots with a vengence.  Let’s face it, spots look great on leopards, but not on our faces.  They are one of the signs of aging and the result of too much sun exposure.   There are treatments and products which will work to help even out the skin, given time, patience, diligent sunscreen use and strict avoidance of sun exposure.

Working together with your esthetician, there are clinical procedures which will speed the process along.  When used in conjunction with a good home care regimen, the results can be quite dramatic.  Specialized peels done in a series every 2 – 3 weeks will slough off some of the damage and help to restore the skin.  Between peels, home care products targeting melanin, and certain exfoliants continue the renewal process at home.

Fall and Winter are the best times to actively pursue skin renewal since sunlight is not as strong.  Best of all, with a series of skin peels started in September, your face can be radiant, glowing and silky smooth in time for the holidays.

Schedule a consultation, start on the recommended home care regimen and peel away….the spots!