Simple Ways to Prevent Wrinkles…..

Web produced by Jennifer Matarese, Eyewitness News

New York (WABC) — In medicine, it’s always best to prevent a problem, and that’s true for wrinkles as well.

There are a whole bunch of simple things you can do to keep a healthy glow to your skin and ward off wrinkles. Wrinkles may be inevitable as we age. But can we slow them down? Sure! The biggest offender is the sun, so avoid it. A hat or cap will keep it off your face.

Sunblocks with SPF of at least 30 are essential. They block UV light that damages elastic things in the skin.

“You want to put a good golf ball size so your whole body is covered. For the face a couple pea sized amounts to cover the face is perfect,” said Dr. Eileen Trokhan, Englewood Hospital. Perfect creams contain Retin-A which can reduce even large wrinkles like these and repair sun damage.

These are prescriptions. Dr. Trokhan has Ana Lora use them. “It’s a little harsh, but I don’t use it all the time, once in a while, my face gets a little red from it,” Lora said.

There are over the counter retinol products. “The over-the-counter retinol ones are much less irritating although a little less effective so there’s a tradeoff,” Dr. Trokhan said. To heal wrinkles, a minor tradeoff. But we don’t have to take wrinkles lying down, except at bedtime. You can even prevent wrinkles at night. If you sleep on your side, you can get a crease along the cheek or the forehead. Instead, sleep on your back. It may take some practice, we all roll over a lot.

Get enough sleep. It helps produce a hormone that makes skin elastic; too little sleep stimulates another hormone that damages skin cells. In the morning, wash your face carefully, too much will strip off natural oils. And use antioxidants to clean up skin toxins. Antioxidant creams with vitamin c, red and yellow fruits and vegetables, soy products, and fish with omega three oil for strong skin cells. “Not only does it keep the bad things out, it keeps the good things in, keeps in moisture, and actually makes skin look smoother and less creased,” Dr. Trokhan said.

Lastly, stop smoking. Sucking on cigarettes makes these pucker wrinkles on the lips. This one’s easy to prevent. If you need reading glasses, use them. It will help prevent crows’ feet wrinkles around the eyes.

And laugh lines? Try not to laugh. Only kidding!